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Death and Evolution


It is almost like whenever I check the Turkish News, I see a well-known, famous singer, anchorman etc. lost their lives. Last time I checked the news, I saw Muslum Gurses passed away. Whether I liked his style or his songs is another discussion but it reminds me one BIG  thing, how short our lives is. Like many of famous people in Turkey, he had a hard times when he was a kid. He struggled a lot (at least this what media says about this early life).After they became famous, it seems they had a pretty decent life in terms of money, fame and all the worldly matters. But like every one else, they left all this fame and rich life behind and went somewhere else we yet to see. Where did they go? It might be a BIG question for many of us. Some people don’t believe the fact there is a after life where some believe. Even for some people, their whole purpose of this life is to prepare for afterlife as they believe it is the final and true destination.

It is hard to believe in the fact that if there is no afterlife, all these people and their lives will be wasted whereas everything is based on a economic recycling (e.g nothing is wasted in this Universe, everything is recycled in some way). Well, we can assume that our bodies will be recycled in some way and maybe we will become a fruit :) but what about our feelings, our passion, love, laugh, hatred, etc. Just because we don’t see them doesn’t mean they are not real. We all know they are real as we are feeling them in somewhere in our heart. Does the word “Nothing” also include “feelings” as “Nothing is wasted”?

All these deaths reminded me my purpose of life and caused me to ask myself all these questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. Where am I going now?
  4. What’s my purpose?

I used love sweet things such as chocolate, cake etc. I still like them but I hardly eat a small piece of them a day while I would be able to eat whole plate when I was a kid. After after a while, this idea got me thinking the fact that “it seems eating good food and getting satisfied is not the purpose of life”. But why do I have the ability of eating and savoring the taste of all these different tastes? Just for this, these are what I need:

  1. An advanced tongue which can handle the food in my mouth and proceed some chemical reactions in order to send the taste messages to my brain.
  2. A very efficient and effective so highly advance lines (neurons) which can transmit the message so quickly that makes us feel like we are perceiving the taste as we chew our food.
  3. A brain where all these messages can be interpreted and deciphered so I can feel what I am chewing. Of couse it also needs to react to well since what I am eating might be something bad, so the brain can reject it and alerts all the necessary parts of my body.

If a car doesn’t take you to your work, or your vacation destination, etc. then it is meaningless. So I use a car in order for a greater good. Buying a car just because it is a car would be silly idea. Could it be that we buy all these tools for a great good. Oh wait we didn’t buy them, they evolved, right?! They randomly evolved to become such complex entities. An unconscious evolution surpassed the very conscious people’s brain as they still cannot understand all these amazingly complex yet remarkably efficient structures.  For statically speaking, the evolution of a simple eye (I am not sure how simple it is though :) ) would take a trillion years or more but “Hey! it takes only several millions years, how awesome is that!”.

Lets get back to main subject. We all know that all the books have a preface in order to explain what it is all about. It warms up the reader for the actual book and says “Hey reader! If you like this preface then wait for the actual content. You will absolutely love it and enjoy more!”. So reading preface all the time and ignoring the book would be awkward! For some reason, I found a similarity between a preface and all the capabilities I have in my body. It seems I have a preface of something better. If I get tired of eating a cake over and over again, my tongue says me “I am here to show you that there might be something better later if you like what you’re eating now. But don’t get stuck with this cake and go ahead and flip the page over.”

But unlike books, we seem to not be able to see the actual book in this world. Everything I have gets bored after a certain limit and whatever I try doesn’t make me satisfied. So when I flip the page over, the previous page gets lost from my sight. But in order to keep reading, I have to flip it over. And death looks like flipping the page over. It says “I am done with this page, so lets go ahead and read the book.”

What if I was given that book and I said “I don’t like this preface, it looks horrible” just because I couldn’t understand it (not requested any help from some one else who could give me an explanation)  and I ripped off the whole page? Would The owner of the book be really angry with me? I am 100% sure that he would and he would take his book back as I don’t deserve it and I would not be able to enjoy the following pages. What if our lives are like this? What if we were told that “Read the preface and enjoy it and thank the Author so you can read the following pages and he will also give you a hand,etc.”

We are so eager to follow patterns and explain this with its creator, for example a book cannot be a without a author and we praise the author when we like the author. But I don’t understand why we change our so logical perspectives when it comes something very similar but a lot bigger?

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